IGmeet Diablo II Guide - Tips for Farming D2R Ladder Items

Instead of just leading your lone warrior to victory, you play a ranked character who is compared with other ladder participants via a scoreboard.

The Ladder is a unique competitive system in Diablo games, and as the release date of the D2R Ladder gets closer, there is more and more discussion about it. Since this is D2R's first Ladder season, it is very necessary for new players who have not participated in Ladder in previous versions to fully understand Ladder. Compared with the non-Ladder mode, we need to know the following information about D2R Ladder Items :

What exactly is a Ladder?

A ladder is simply the equivalent of a Diablo 2 season, which is what you know from the sequel Diablo 3. Instead of just leading your lone warrior to victory, you play a ranked character who is compared with other ladder participants via a scoreboard.

You compete with others in multiplayer and want to reach maximum level 99 as quickly as possible. In comparison to normal characters, there are a few rules to be observed:

How does the ladder work?

If you want to participate, you have to create a new character in Diablo 2 and check the box Ladder – old characters cannot be transferred. You will then play the respective season with this character until the reset. When this takes place can vary depending on the season. However, the length has settled at around six months and you will be warned in advance.

After the ladder reset, the special character changes to the normal squad, but keeps equipment and items. You will not be allowed to play with him for another season. Until this time, he remains firmly in the ranking and cannot be downgraded to a normal hero.

Tips for Farming D2R Ladder Items

  • Players can join a team to farm with other participants because some situations need a few people, like farming special Bosses. But it doesn't mean players can not choose to farm solo. In fact, when they farm solo, players can get many chances to hunt unique sets or rare items.
  • Besides, there are seven D2R classes. If wanting many different Diablo 2 items, players shouldn't only play one class because different classes can bring different class specification items.

Amazons can get more chances to get weapons such as Spears, Javelins, and Bows.

Assassins can use Claw-Class weapons since they have Claw Mastery or do some work that only needs Claws.

Necromancers can get Totems that have inherent bonuses to individual Necromancer skills.

Barbarians have helms such as Halaberd's Reign, Demonhorn's Edge, and Wolfhowl.

Sorceresses have orbs that have an inherent bonus to mana or life.

Druids have helms that may have +1-3 points in up to 3 individual skills from all three of their skill trees.

Paladins have shields that have inherent bonuses to individual Paladin skills. These bonuses increase all resistances as an inherent property.

  • Although new areas of level 85 bring many chances to farm, players should not ignore the locations of other areas. For example, if they want the d2r stone jordanstone of Jordan, it would be better to farm in a few locations of Nightmare.
  • Players also can use Magic Find to increase the odds of finding good items. But it does not mean the more, the better because too many Magic Find will sacrifice some essential things such as speed.
  • They can use items that they already have to increase their chances because items can increase defense and strength. Then players can run for a long time and kill more monsters. And a lot of variety of items can be dropped.

In a word, experimenting with different ways of playing can be surprisingly rewarding. Different choices have different results.

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