Fallout 76: How to Get the Cold Shoulder Shotgun

Fallout 76: How to Get the Cold Shoulder Shotgun

In Fallout 76, the Cold Shoulder is a side-by-side double-barreled shotgun. It's a unique legendary weapon that, according to Fallout lore, belongs to Rip Daring. What makes this shotgun special, however, is its quadruple ammo capacity, bonus cryo damage, and freezing effect that slows enemies. Players can prepare enough Fallout 76 Caps in the game.


While the Cold Shoulder was introduced in the Mutant Invasion update, Fallout 76 players can still get it in Season 12, but this time the process is much simpler. For those looking to add this unique weapon to their arsenal, this guide explains everything there is to know about acquiring the infamous Cold Shoulder shotgun.


How to Get the Legendary Frost

In Season 12, Rip Daring the Cryptid Hunt, players needed to reach rank 5 on the scoreboard to get access to the Cold Shoulder shotgun program. Once they get the blueprint, the weapon will be usable on all weapon workbenches under the machine gun section.


Note that a Fallout 1st subscription is not required to obtain the Cold Shoulder shotgun; it's the fourth free reward on the Season XII scoreboard.


How to Make a Cold Shoulder Shotgun

Once you have the Cold Shoulder plan, go to the weapons workbench and find it under the machine gun section. To craft this shotgun, the player needs to have enough Adhesives, Gears, Oil, Screws, Steel, Wood and Legendary Modules.


Legendary Shotguns can be crafted into four different tiers: 15, 25, 35, and 45. But higher levels don't change Cryo damage; instead, they just increase base DMG.


Players cannot add any legendary effects to the Cold Shoulder shotgun, as it already has three unique perks.


Best Mods for Cold Shoulders

Because of the Cold Shoulder's lack of accuracy and range, the best mods for this shotgun are as follows:


Severe Receiver: With this mod, Cold Shoulder does great damage on both regular and critical shots. But players who don't use VATS often can also use Hardened Receiver.

Aligned Long Barrel: Since the Cold Shoulder has a shorter base range, it benefits from the extra range of the Aligned Long Barrel mod. The attachment also improves the recoil and hip-fire accuracy of the gun.

Aligned Stocks: Similar to Long Barrels, Aligned Stocks improve the Cold Shoulder's recoil and hipfire accuracy.

Reflex Sight (Dot): With this sight, the Legendary Shotgun becomes more accurate when aiming and firing.


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