Miss Universe Thailand Collaborates with NFT

This is the first ever beauty pageant that collaborated with NFT.

Miss Universe Thailand 2021 has officially teamed with Bitkub Group, Thailand's premier blockchain and cryptocurrency company, as the world's first blockchain and cryptocurrency firm to offer NFT Solution, Digital Asset, and other cryptocurrency trends to beauty pageants.

Daily life has been affected indefinitely as a result of the deadly COVID-19 epidemic, which has changed life and forced civilization to conform to the "New Normal" era. As a result, the Miss Universe Thailand 2021 pageant has resumed its role as a beacon of hope and trust for the general public, as well as empowering belief through the theme of "Power of Passion!" The competition will select a champion who will represent Israel at the Miss Universe 2021 stage in Eilat.

Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Ltd., the parent company of Bitkub Online Co., Ltd., Thailand's No.1 Cryptocurrency Exchange, has launched Bitkub Academy, which will give competitors with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology education. Last but not least, Bitkub Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd., which will also be supporting the competition with NFT Solutions via popular NFT collecting cards of high value and worth. Special awards in the form of digital assets will also be awarded to the winner.

The official representative of Bitkub, Topp Jirayut Srupsrisopa, Founder and Group CEO of Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Co., Ltd., attended a special press conference and revealed that the concept "Power of Passion" drew Bitkub's attention immensely because it coincides with our strong belief that passion can be a powerful driving force that changes one's life, as well as the world. The Bitkub Group believes that blockchain technology will alter the globe in the same way.

The collaboration with Miss Universe Thailand, a prestigious entertainment platform with over ten million viewers that promotes women's capabilities and roles in society, has proven to be a positive step forward in the community's collaborative effort to effect change, as well as a voice of the people to inspire hope and inspiration.”

Bitkub will tell the tale of how the Bitkub Exchange platform is transforming the world of investing, and how Bitkub Academy is revolutionizing the world of learning new technologies, so that everyone may gain a new skill set for the future with endless possibilities. Most significantly, the World's First Entertainment Revolution with Miss Universe Thailand NFT, the collectible cards that use Blockchain technology to tokenize Miss Universe Thailand's renown, popularity, and fan-based value. In addition, Miss Universe Thailand Crown will be available as a limited NFT in Morning Moon Village, Bitkub Chain's first play-to-earn game.

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