How Dead Island 2's DLC builds on its main story

How Dead Island 2's DLC builds on its main story

At your own peril, continue. In Dead Island 2, players take control of one of six Slayer characters and find themselves in the middle of a catastrophic zombie outbreak in the metropolis of Los Angeles. Players are on a quest to leave Hell A while saving a few survivors along the way, including movie star Emma Jaunt and Sam B, a playable character from the previous game. The battle against Lola Konradt and Tisha's rescue are two plotlines that players will witness being set up for potential Dead Island 2 DLC as the game comes to a close. In the game, players can prepare an ample number of Dead Island 2 Accounts.


Dead Island 2's story holds many secrets that reveal a lot about the zombie escape and the man who could have ended it all, Dr. Ruben Reed. Ultimately, Reed tells the player that everyone has autophagy encoded in their DNA, and that over a period of time, they'll all transform. After a final battle with the shape-shifting Dr. Reed, the Killers choose to stay in Hell A. Rescue Reed's daughter Tisha and bring her to safety while still keeping an eye out for Lola and her spirit team, may set up Dead Island 2 DLC.


Killer stays in hell-A

Since Dead Island 2's storyline is largely focused on helping Emma Choate and the survivors living in her Bel Air mansion get out, it's only fitting to see the movie star on the run. The killers help Emma, Sam B, and Patton reach a helicopter on Hollywood Boulevard, before they set off to find Dr. Reed, confront him, and let him know how the whole outbreak started. However, after killing Reed, the killers decide to stay in Hell A to find Tisha and bring her to safety.


The way Dead Island 2's story ends sets up a DLC on the streets of Los Angeles, likely using Emma Jaunt's house as the main safehouse. With some allies like Andrea still living in Los Angeles, Slayers could also take on more side quests, providing more specific backstories to the remaining survivors. Either way it's handled, the Dead Island 2 DLC will likely contain new areas of LA that haven't been explored and some new survivors that haven't been discovered yet.


save tisha

Tisha is the daughter of Dr. Reed in Dead Island 2, and at the end of the story, the player discovers that she is the real key to the cure for autophagy. Unfortunately, just before the final battle with the transformed Reed, Tisha escaped and was never seen again, setting up a daring rescue mission for DLC. Since Tisha is humanity's only hope against autophagy, the Slayers may need to travel through uncharted territory to bring her back and get her out of Los Angeles


Tisha is an all-out survivor who is more than capable of taking care of herself on the streets of Hell-A. However, she also grieves the revelation that her father started having outbursts and experimenting on her before she was born. With the healing powers in her blood, Tisha now plays a vital role in the future of the Dead Island series, and it's even possible to make her a playable character in the future. Ultimately, the player needs to find Tisha and get her out of Los Angeles before autophagy kills humans or Tisha is killed by zombies.


fighting laura conrat

Another avenue that the Dead Island 2 DLC could set is the battle between the Slayers and Lola Konradt. At the end of the game, Butcher communicates with Konrat and her small group of Primordials, seemingly setting up a possible battle or alliance, with the former being more likely. This is further evidenced by the fact that The Butcher is now on a mission to save Tisha and heal the autophagy that originally gave the Primal abilities, something Konrat will no doubt try to prevent.


Lola Konradt, once a tech mogul who invented the Konstant operating system and is now a god living comfortably in the midst of an outbreak, is likely to be the main villain of a potential Dead Island 2 DLC. She wants to lead Numen, which she believes is the next step in human evolution, and in order to do so, she needs to prevent a cure from being created. However, this meant fighting the Butcher and reaching Tisha before she was rescued and taken out of the city.


Dead Island 2 left many unanswered questions by the end of the game, including the future of Doom, whether they'll fight Konrat and the other Primordials, or whether players will see Doom join forces with the Primals. All of these issues will need to be addressed in the future, and after a decade-long wait for the second game in the series, many fans are hoping the next installment in the Dead Island series won't be that far away. While it hasn't been confirmed yet, if the developers follow the path of the first game, fans should see many of these unresolved issues bundled into the Dead Island 2 DLC, and potentially a greater threat of autophagy. For more game guides, please refer to


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