Get ready for Shadow of the Erdtree DLC in Elden Ring

Now, FromSoftware has launched the first DLC Shadow of the Erdtree for Elden Ring to celebrate the first anniversary of Elden Ring.

As an open RPG, Elden Ring has always attracted players with its unique and attractive game features. Its rich game scenes have always kept players entertained. Not long ago, FromSoftware launched a new DLC for Elden Ring. As the only DLC in Elden Ring, the influence of Shadow of the Erdtree is indeed nothing to say, but players have sparked a series of discussions and speculations about Erdtree in the image of Elden Ring DLC. For details, you can follow the well-known game website IGGM to explore and discuss.

First of all, the player found that the Erdtree seems to be flowing gold, which is very likely related to Miquella. Second, it seems that there is another giant tree root eating Erdtree, which is reminiscent of Godwyn’s dead root. On top of that, Erdtree is black and burnt.

No matter which point the player starts from, we believe that a fixed story point must be the burning of Erdtree, and then promote the development of the storyline to lead to the remains of Erdtree. Does this mean that the burning of Erdtree marks the end of the Elden Ring? And then promote the derivative of Elden Ring 2 through this DLC? None of this is known, and FromSoftware doesn’t think it’s a safe bet. But, unsurprisingly, the Shadow of the Erdtree will most likely set the tone for the future of Erdtree and the gods who rule the land.

No matter what the follow-up result is, I believe the players are full of expectations. Therefore, as the currency in the game, Elden Ring Runes are of course indispensable. And, if you need materials and other items, you can also use the code “CSCCA” to get 5% off Elden Ring items. I believe this will give you a lot of help.

Let’s act together for Shadow of the Erdtree!


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