Is Nike 'Jordan Brand' chairman a murderer?

Larry Miller, 72, the head of Nike's Jordan Brand, has confessed to previous killings.

Miller admitted to the BBC on the 14th that he murdered an 18-year-old kid in 1965 when he was 16 years old in an interview with Sports Illustrated, an American sports magazine.


Miller became a member of a Philadelphia gang at the age of 13 and lived the life of a delinquent adolescent. When a buddy was slain by a rival gang in 1965, he and three friends took up a pistol in retaliation. The 18-year-old Edward White was murdered by President Miller in the process. The first person he encountered was White, who had nothing to do with his friend's death.


President Miller was found guilty of murder and sentenced to jail. Regarding this revelation, he stated that it was a tough decision to make because he had been keeping it from his children, friends, and coworkers for a long time.

"Because of the many years of running away from this case, I've been trying to hide my past and I hope people don't notice it," Miller said.


He has been with Nike since 1997 and previously worked for Kraft Foods and Campbell Soup in the United States. He also owned the Portland Trail Blazers, an American professional basketball (NBA) team.


Miller insisted that he never lied about his incarceration while applying for a job.

He was said to have alerted advisers Michael Jordan and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver of the situation prior to the interview.


"Jump, A secret Journey from the Street to the Executive Office is an autobiography of Miller where he will be sharing in detail how he served in Juvenile Detention Centers several times. 


Miller believes that his story will assist at-risk youngsters to avoid a life of crime and motivate those who have served time in jail to understand they can still contribute to society.

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