Squid Game's Oh Il-Nam refuses to appear in advertisements

In an interview, Oh Young Soo shared his thoughts on the Squid Game series and how it changed him.

Oh Young Soo, 77, is currently experiencing exploding success as the Netflix series in which he stars is taking the world by storm. In the drama, he portrayed Oh Il-Nam.


His character is the first contestant in the survival game, putting his life in danger and enthralling spectators with his "irreplaceable and raw acting." Several fan-created memes of him are doing the rounds on the internet. When a fan page of him on Instagram appeared, he quickly acquired 60,000 followers.


Although it is not known, Oh Young Soo is a living history of the theatrical industry. He made his stage debut in 1968 and has been busy ever since. Spring Summer Fall Winter and Spring, as well as the dramas Queen Seondeok and God of War, are among his significant film performances.


Director Hwang Dong-Hyeok was highly inspired by Oh's performance in 'No Seung' while seeing Kim Ki-Duk's film, Spring Summer Fall Winter and Spring (2003) so he thought of him as a perfect person to play Oh Il-Nam. However, Oh was hesitant when he got the offer from the assistant director to appear in the Netflix series.



When asked what he thought of the drama after reading the script, Oh stated, "I believed that the language of the work is alive, the message it wishes to communicate is strong, and the structure is fresh. However, they criticize reality by resembling a child's memory game. So I phoned the assistant director again and told him, I have concerns about the film; if the director has time, please let him come and see me."

After much persuasion, he finally accepted the offer, and the rest is history.


He also expressed his opinions on the role he was portraying. "I mistook it for a sign of possessive rulers and those who dominate and control the helpless." He is not, however, a person who is just 'evil.' They have their own set of regulations and procedures. An example of a common scene is the execution of an agent who broke the rules of the game in order to sell organs."


"There were many instances when I placed Oh Il-Nam inside of me and acted, yet even when I articulated it according to the flow of my consciousness, it suited me many times. Life is the same way. I own it and am greedy, but when I am 70 or 80 years old, I want to let go of everything. As the possessiveness fades, the natural 'me' emerges. I wouldn't be able to play the character as I do now if I were in my 60s."


When he was recognized for his performance in the series, he received numerous advertisement offers, but he turned them down. As he stated, most of what is pouring in are already money, and after having considered it several times, he believes it is simply greed. He did, however, say that he might do it one day.

"I should do it when I get the opportunity." Nonetheless, I believe it would be useful for me to participate in advertising that is beneficial to me without jeopardizing my job, as well as advertisements of public interest."

He was also questioned how he manages to keep up with the stamina of the younger performers while the series is physically demanding. He described himself as a "parallel rod guy." He has been exercising his stamina with parallel bars since he was a youngster, and he refers to himself as "the companion exercise of my life." Even today, at 6:20 a.m., I leave my residence and go 20 minutes to the entrance of Namhansanseong Fortress, where I perform 50 parallel bars.

"A stent was put for angina pectoris 10 years ago, and three years ago, I had severe pneumonia and was on the point of death, but my health improved as a result." "Living is a delight, and it is a joy."


There is a lot to look forward to, as director Hwang Dong Hyeok just revealed plans for Squid Game 2. Surely, many fans will be looking forward to Oh Nam Il's performances, like he did in Squid 1. We will continue to support him.

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