Ginger's Amazing Health Benefits

See what else this native Southeast Asian spice has to offer besides flavor.

Spices are more than simply a method to add flavor and zest to your favorite recipes. Many also include significant amounts of antioxidants, nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.


Ginger is a yellow spice derived from the plant's roots. This odd-looking Southeast Asian spice has been proven to offer health advantages since the 9th century and is also a mainstay of Asian, Indian, and Caribbean meals.


Although the spice looks like a small sweet potato, it provides a strong punch. It not only contains vitamin C, magnesium, and potassium, but it also has several health advantages. It can alleviate pain, enhance blood sugar circulation, and lessen nausea. There have also been studies that suggest it might lower cholesterol and prevent bacteria development.


Now the question lies on how to incorporate ginger into your diet. Here are some easy ways to do it.

Ginger Tea. The strong flavor is mitigated by the addition of honey and lemon, while the benefits remain. This tea has been shown to aid in the treatment of colds. All you need to do is heat up a few slices of ginger and you'll have cough relief in no time.

Gingerbread. Who is not familiar with these goodies? Especially when its Christmas Season gingerbread cookies come to mind first. Their spiciness, molasses taste, SMILES, and charm are undeniably seductive. There are several gingerbread recipes available on the internet, and you can always select one according on your preference.

Powder Supplement. Many health stores sell dried ginger in powder form. If you don’t mind its pungent taste, you can incorporate it on your favorite morning drink. Some people like to take it as is and then wash it down with water.

Stir-Fry. Not only can ginger add flavor to any stir fry dish but it can make the dish really aromatic.


Now that you're aware of the incredible advantages of this modest spice. Because the root is very gnarly and can be difficult to peel and chop, here's a video explaining how to peel ginger and prepare it for your diet.



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