A movie inspired by Fortnite to be considered by Epic Games

A new movie might storm us very soon

Fortnite, a famous online video game, may be making an exciting return to your screens. Millions of people play the game around the world, and there's little doubt that a cinematic adaptation would pique their interest.


Epic Games and Fortnite have been in the news recently for a variety of reasons, including the effect of Among Us on Imposter Mode, their ongoing legal battle with Apple, and the spectacular item shop additions for the Fortnitemares Halloween special. You can play as everyone's favorite Halloween characters, from Rick Grimes to Frankenstein. Epic Games has a lot on its plate, and they have no intention of slowing down anytime soon.


Epig Cames has hired talent such as Jason McGatlin, the former VP of physical production at Lucasfilm, according to The Information. McGatlin is presently the president of Epic Games' Special Projects division. Former Lucasfilm employees Lynn Bart and Chris Furia are now working for Epic Games.


There was no word on what the movie would be about or which Fortnite characters would be involved in the endeavor. Still, with the interactive game continuously changing, introducing new characters, and giving deep tales, the possibilities are unlimited.

Jordan Bragais

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