Squid Game made its way in to GTA

GTA V mod provides the Squid Game experience

Squid Game, a Netflix original, has now made its way into the realm of gaming  through Grand Theft Auto. According to Kotaku, the dismal children's games in the streets of Los Santos are now inundating some of the Grand Theft Auto V role-playing servers.


A set of players must cross a field while another issues directions over a speaker in one variation of the show's reenactment of Red Light Green Light. A third group of players takes aim at anyone who makes a mistake. The contestants' labyrinthine bunks, as well as the creepy robot doll and glass stepping hop-scotch game, are all replicated. The contestants' iconic green jumpsuits, as well as the soldiers' red hoodies and unique masks, are also replicated. The Frontman, a puppeteer, even makes an appearance.


If you're unfamiliar with Squid Game, it's a global phenomenon on its way to become Netflix's most popular show of all time. It revolves around financially disadvantaged people who are recruited by a mysterious organization to compete in a winner-take-all competition. The winner among the 456 competitors receives a life-changing prize, but those who lose in a series of children's games lose their lives as well.


It'll be interesting to see how Squid Game develops in terms of cultural effect and intellectual properties in the future, and whether that includes officially licensed video games, for example. While Netflix has yet to confirm that a second season has been ordered, it appears all but certain given the show's success, with creator Hwang Dong-hyuk already revealing his intentions for the sequel in interviews.

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