Kumail Nanjiani buff body impresses Eternals’ producer Nate Moore

Kumail Nanjiani became "too large" for the MCU picture, according to Eternals producer Nate Moore

While Eternals is poised to be one of the most expansive and creative films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one of the reasons fans are interested to see it is due to star Kumail Nanjiani's remarkable bodily transformation. When it was announced that Nanjiani would play Kingo in Chloe Zhao's MCU epic, he rapidly got into peak superhero form. The stunning metamorphosis of the Silicon Valley actor caused the internet to go down for a bit.


Kumail Nanjiani seemed to have gone a little too far in his transformation. Producer Nate Moore discussed the comedian's extreme bodily change and how he needs to warn the star to stop getting so jacked after a certain point during ScreenRant's visit to the Eternals set in 2020.


Kumail Nanjiani has been cast as Kingo in the 7,000-year-long epic. The Eternals of Kumail Nanjiani have the ability to project and throw cosmic energy. The character goes on to become a well-known Bollywood actor, which could make for some entertaining sequences when the film hits theaters on November 5.

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