A Nightmare on Elm Street Makeup Collection by Kylie Jenner is spookily gorgeous

Kylie Cosmetics collaboration video features Kylie Jenner getting drenched in blood.

With a scary video posted on her Instagram on Tuesday, Kylie Cosmetics founder teased a Halloween-themed new release for her eponymous company. The beauty mogul wore a full face of makeup and a birthday suit for the brief video. The 24-year-old actress, on the other hand, was not fully naked during the shoot because she was covered in blood from head to toe.

Let's just say the KUWTK star got considerably more wet than Carrie did in the original 1976 horror flick. Kylie's latest collection, however, looks to be influenced by a different film noir classic: Nightmare on Elm Street. Before disclosing the partnership, Kylie posed the question to her devoted fanbase: "Can you guess who we collaborated with for Halloween this year?"

"My frightful queen! Khloe Kardashian said, "Come on, shut it down." Beauty guru James Charles chimed in, saying, "Omg, I'm obsessed with this."

Kylie shared a closer look at the collection's new products on Instagram Stories, including a lip lacquer trio, an eyeshadow palette, a lip and cheek stain, and false eyelashes, among other things. Due to her celebrity status and her brand's attention to detail, it's safe to say the reality TV star didn't let us down.

A picture of Kylie donning a flesh-colored catsuit, similar to Freddy Krueger's burned and disfigured body, was included on the collection package. Her silver stiletto nails, which matched her silver stilettos, resembled the metal-clawed glove of the antagonist.

What about the product packaging? They had blood splatter, Freddy's infamous striped jumper, and a shadow of his picture all over them, making them instantly recognizable. Given that she once dubbed Freddy a "icon of terror," paying tribute to him in more than one way is only fitting.

The collection is now available to purchase on the brand's website for fans to get their paws on. See what's new in the products section below.

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