A Nude Photoshoot Captures Olivia Wilde Celebrating Her "Sensual" Side

Olivia Wilde bared all in a new True Botanicals skincare commercial. As she posed in the pool, she explained that she wanted the unretouched photos to demonstrate that "sustainability is sexy."


Olivia Wilde bared all for the current True Botanicals campaign during her most recent photo shoot.

Her body was depicted "in a sensual, gorgeous and raw (unretouched) shape," according to a press statement from the skincare firm, which allowed her pick how to "display herself to the camera."

Olivia was photographed topless in a swimming pool and naked on a beach blanket as part of the eco campaign. "I wanted to capture and illustrate that sustainability is seductive," actress-turned-director Jennifer Garner said.

Olivia, 37, said in a statement: "I think there is this notion that responsibility and sustainability are necessarily logical and boring."

A #FreetheNipple activist, she tells Vogue that she believes the stigma is "culturally peculiar" and that there's less of a concern of having a big nipple outside the U.S. There is a lot to gain by ensuring that the stigmatization of female bodies does not permeate our own self-perception, according to her. "This country's fear of women's bodies and puritanical view of pubic hair make me wish we weren't so sexist. It's really absurd, to my mind." As a result, the mother of two thought on the "different relationship to your breasts and sort of the rest of the world" that comes with breastfeeding. Having had two children and being in her late thirties, she said, "I love my body now more than before."

Is it possible that Harry Styles' influence is finally transferring to her? His song "Watermelon Sugar" is about the female orgasm, as he admitted in an interview.

The fact that Olivia appeared to refer to her connection with Harry during her Vogue interview suggests the answer is "yes."

To paraphrase the filmmaker, "what I've learned over the previous year is that life's most significant resource is time, which can be spent however you choose and with whomever you choose." he added. "It has the potential to have a significant impact on your health, in my opinion. The way you view your time has an impact on your health, as well as whether or not you choose to spend time with your family, friends, or working on your fitness and well-being." She's been attending Harry's concerts to spend time with the people she cares about, and she's been dancing her heart out at his Love on Tour events and wearing his concert paraphernalia everywhere she goes. Because of this, she'll be able to keep a piece of Harry Styles with her at all times.

According to a source who spoke to E! News earlier this month, Olivia is currently working a lot but plans to join Harry on tour when she has time. "She anticipates going on the road being a lot of fun. They don't want to be away for long periods of time, therefore she plans to visit him as often as possible "the source was made available to everyone.

She's a fascinating woman "According to the source, she is "proud" of her musical boyfriend: "They always support each other in their profession." She's excited to see him from a different perspective now."

The couple's children, Otis (7 years old) and Daisy (5 years old), remain in her care.

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