Selena Gomez gives us a peek at Sephora's anti-bullying campaign 

Selena has always been passionate in making social spaces a safer place to be. 

Sephora announced their new anti-bullying campaign called "Hearts, Not Hate" on World Mental Health Day. They took it to Instagram and their website to share about this initiative. 


Rare Beauty brand founder Selena Gomez took over their socials to show her support for their campaign. She has always been an advocate for anti-bullying. In fact she has been vocal before about her experiences so it comes to no surprise that she is working with Sephora to forward this great campaign. "Online harassment can negatively affect your mental health, which is why I'm joining Sephora to help combat this issue."Selena said on Sephora's video. "I'm passionate about making our social spaces a safer and more welcoming place for everyone." she continued. 


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