Netflix says a vast majority of viewers watched Bridgerton's entire first season

It's one of the streamer's most popular titles ever.

Bridgerton has already been dubbed "Netflix's most watched original series ever." According to newly revealed data from the corporation, a vast majority of viewers stuck with it for the entire eight-episode first season.


Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of Vox Media, announced the total amount of hours of viewing time for the streamer's best original series and films to date while speaking at the Code Conference on Monday afternoon. Within the first four weeks of its debut, Bridgerton topped the chart with 625 million hours of viewing.


Bridgerton was formerly reported as being viewed by 82 million Netflix accounts (the company counts two minutes of watching as a view). When you divide 625 million hours of watch time by 82 million accounts, you get around 7 hours and 37 minutes of viewing per account, which is virtually the whole 8 hour and 10 minute run time of the eight-episode season.




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