Venezuela Soccer Team Barred From Training Due to COVID Protocols

Some players have difficulty producing proofs that they are vaccinated.

Because per COVID-19 rules, Venezuelan players have been barred from training in Santiago ahead of Thursday's World Cup qualification match against Chile.

The Venezuelan soccer association said Tuesday that all of its players tested negative for the coronavirus upon their arrival in Chile and again after being tested at the team hotel.

According to Chilean media, some Venezuelan players had difficulty providing documentation proving they had been vaccinated and were not permitted to leave the hotel right away.

According to the sources, the Venezuelans were later permitted to leave the hotel but opted to remain inside.

Venezuelan soccer federation vice-president José Antonio Quintero stated on Twitter, "The points must be played on the pitch, not off the pitch."

Venezuela has seven points in the 10-team South American qualifying competition. Chile is ranked seventh with 10 points.

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