How about spending Halloween at a 130-year-old Haunted House?

The house is believed to be haunted by the spirits of the murdered parents and the murderer herself.

Lizzie Borden's narrative has been adapted into films, successful miniseries, and episodes of several television shows. For example, a dramatized version of her narrative was included in an episode of the legendary show "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," which contained the popular folk song, "Lizzie Borden got an ax and gave her mother forty whacks." When she realized what she had done, she handed her father 41.


Lizzie's father and stepmother were discovered dead in the Fall River, Massachusetts house they lived with her on August 4, 1892. Andrew Borden, her father, had been slain with a hatchet to the head, and his body was discovered on a sofa in the main room. Her stepmother was also murdered with a hatchet and her body was discovered in an upstairs bedroom.

Despite being arrested for the murders, accused by a grand jury, and convicted for the charges, Lizzie was acquitted. 


The house now accepts guests for those who want to experience staying in a haunted house. The house is also part of ghost house tours in the US. The Lizzie Borden House is a unique, fascinating location to stay, and some believe the ghosts of Lizzie, her father, and her stepmother still roam the grounds.


"It's haunted," says Lance Zaal, CEO of US Ghost Adventures, the company that currently owns the Lizzie Borden House. "Guests have reported limbs or ears being tugged, as well as people wandering around in the rooms." In the Andrew and Abby Suite, a woman in a nightgown is frequently seen, and this figure is thought to represent Abby Borden."


Visitors and staff at the residence have experienced various hauntings. When he was younger, the manager claimed to have seen a shadow figure in the house's basement. Another account recounted by the new owner of the house was that while he was alone in the house, he heard voices, footsteps, and furniture move. He even claimed to have sensed a weird presence encircling him and touching his leg.


Probably one of the reasons the spirits are still present in the house is that the owners have left the house decorated as it was when Lizzie's family lived there. The family's belongings are still present and unaltered.


Every day, the Lizzie Borden House offers a variety of excursions, and virtual tours were introduced this year. So, even if you won't be able to visit the bed and breakfast in person anytime soon, you may still take advantage of the entire tour experience.


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