The Weeknd, now a Goodwill Ambassador for UN WFP

The global superstar joins other ambassadors in the fight against world hunger

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) announced that Abel Tesfaye, also known as The Weeknd, has been named Goodwill Ambassador who will advocate for Zero Hunger. The global superstar joins other ambassadors such as Michael Kors and Kat Hudson in the struggle to fight world hunger. These ambassadors shall use their platforms to advocate this cause. Every year, the U.N. WFP gives sustenance assistance to over a hundred million people in over 80 countries. 


"The U.N. World Food Programme is doing urgent and important work to change and save lives on a daily basis and I feel passionately about addressing world hunger and helping people in need. Our partnership is an authentic extension of all our efforts and intentions to help those in need and bring an end to so much suffering.", said Abel "The Weeknd" Tesfaye in the press release by U.N. WFP. From that statement alone, you can sense the sincerity of the message and his belief in the cause they are fighting for. 


All throughout his career, The Weeknd has been an advocate and supporter of humanitarian causes. He donated over 3 million USD to organizations just in the past year. Just recently, he made a donation of over 1 million USD to the U.N. WFP in their relief operations in Ethiopia. As someone of Ethiopian descent, this moved The Weeknd to help and further make a difference in U.N. WFP. 


"We are thrilled to welcome The Weeknd to the WFP family, His compassion and commitment to helping the world's hungriest people is truly inspirational," exclaimed World Food Programme Executive Director David Beasley. He continued, "Every night, 811 million people go to bed hungry, and another 270 million people are marching toward starvation. This is just not right and we have to speak out and act today to save lives. We need everyone to come join our movement to end hunger- it is all hands on deck to avoid global catastrophe." 


"Whether he is performing or speaking out about global hunger, The Weeknd's voice is powerful and inspiring, only matched by his dedication to helping people around the globe." said Baron Segar, the World Food Program USA President and CEO. 


It's truly amazing to see stars going above and beyond and helping out using their platform. The Weeknd will surely make a difference in the fight against hunger. 


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