Brittany Matthews told Chiefs fans to Shut Up

Patrick Mahome's fiancee fired back to fans who were not happy about her tweet.

Brittany Matthews, Patrick Mahomes' fiancée, expressed her displeasure with what she witnessed during his team's most recent game.

Patrick's Kansas City Chiefs were defeated by the Buffalo Bills 38-20 on Sunday, Oct. 10, lowering the defending AFC champions to a losing record of two wins and three defeats. 

Patrick's fiance Brittany tweeted her opinions during the game, and she appeared particularly dissatisfied with the officials' performance. She tweeted throughout the game, "Refs are never in our favor." "Ever," she said in a follow-up tweet.

Later that evening, she doubled down asking why everyone is enraged. She also used crying and shrugging emoticons.

One Chiefs fan was irritated by the accusations and tweeted, "Girl. I need you to stop. This was my team long before Patrick was here. It's not giving the org a good look. Chiefs are bigger than you, me or any one player."

This led Brittany to reply, "In the nicest way possible…Shut up," adding a smiley face emoji. 

Later in the game, Brittany retweeted a lot of tweets protesting another call against the Chiefs. She hadn't yet expressed her feelings over the loss.

Brittany had already expressed her displeasure with the league's officiating during prior Chiefs games this season. "That call was TRASHHHHHH." The Chiefs' defeat to the Chargers gave them their first losing record since week six of the 2015 season.

The influencer is well-known for expressing her displeasure with Patrick's perceived unfairness. Brittany chastised ESPN for their coverage of the great quarterback during the Chiefs' 2021 Super Bowl defeat against Tom Brady's Tampa Bay Buccaneers.



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