Microsoft exec opens up about failed bid to acquire TikTok

The software giant's CEO is at peace with what happened.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft's CEO, had mixed feelings about his company's failed acquisition of TikTok last year.


At Vox Media's Code Conference on Monday,  Nadella told Kara Swisher, "It's the strangest thing I've ever worked on. I learned so much about so many things and so many people."


When TikTok was facing a potential ban in the United States under the Trump administration, Microsoft surfaced as a potential acquirer for the social media platform's American operations. Last September, the proposed agreement fell through after TikTok's parent firm, ByteDance, chose Oracle over Microsoft as its U.S. partner.


The sale of TikTok has delayed since the Biden administration took office, and it's unclear whether the agreement with Oracle will go through. In June, the Biden administration formally rescinded Trump's executive order targeting TikTok and said that it will launch its own investigation into the app.


While Nadella didn't go into detail about his discussions with TikTok, he did say that TikTok approached Microsoft about the acquisition rather than the other way around, and that the video-sharing platform was "caught in the middle of a lot of challenges."


Is he still interested in acquiring TikTok today? “I'm happy with what I have right now,” Nadella remarked.


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