Miss Universe 2021 to be held in Israel

This will cause many countries to reconsider their participation in the 70th edition of the beauty pageant.

The Miss Universe organization announced on Tuesday, July 20, that the 2021 Miss Universe competition will be held in Israel in December. 

“70 years! The 70th Miss Universe competition is heading to Eilat, Israel! Miss Universe will air live around the world December 2021,” the organization wrote alongside a video of Miss Universe winners on their social media platforms. However, the exact date for the pageant has yet to be revealed. Steve Harvey will return as a host.

However, many Muslim countries, such as Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Turkey are reconsidering their participation due to their diplomatic relations with Israel. Venezuela will get the necessary visas from the Israeli embassy in Canada.

The 69th Miss Universe competition was held in Florida, USA, in May 2021, after the pageant was postponed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mexico’s Andrea Meza was named Miss Universe 2020. With the 2021 coronation night happening in December, Meza will only have a total of seven months for her reign.

USA's Asya Branch finished in the top 21 of the pageant, getting cut from the evening gown competition. India's Adline Castelino was the only Asian in the top five.

Krees De Guia

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