Queen Charlotte of Bridgerton is getting a spinoff series

A young Queen Charlotte is gracing our screens and we'll get to know more about her story

Netflix has ordered a "Bridgerton" spin-off featuring a teenage Queen Charlotte.

The limited series will also follow young Violet Bridgerton and Lady Danbury while digging into Queen Charlotte's backstory. Queen Charlotte In addition to Shonda Rhimes, Betsy Beers and Tom Verica will also serve as executive producers on the project, which will be written and directed by Rhimes.
As a result, Chris Van Dusen, who is now working on Season 2 of the blockbuster series, will hand the reigns over to Jess Brownell, who will serve as showrunner for Seasons 3 and 4. On top of that, he was the showrunner for Season 1 and a key part of the show's television development. "Scandal," "Grey's Anatomy," and "Private Practice" are just a few of the shows Brownell has worked on previously with Shondaland. Now that "Bridgerton" is growing, Rhimes says, "we have the opportunity to devote even more of Shondaland fold to Bridgerton-verse." In almost a decade of working together, we've sought to find the appropriate project for Jess Brownell. When it was time to hand the baton off, I realized this singular voice would be crucial to the show's future."
According to Netflix's head of global TV Bela Bajaria, many people had never heard of Queen Charlotte before Bridgerton introduced her to the world. "I'm happy that this new series will further broaden her tale and the realm of Bridgerton," Bajaria said. To maintain the high quality and style that fans have come to expect from Shonda and her crew, the Bridgerton universe is being lovingly expanded. We also hope that by planning and preparing all the future seasons now, we can maintain a pace that will satisfy even the most voracious spectators."
'Bridgerton' is expected to reach 63 million homes in the first 28 days after its debut on Christmas Day 2020, making it the seventh most popular Netflix original series launch to date. According to Netflix's own metrics, a view occurs when an account watches at least two minutes of a movie.

It is situated in the world of London high society and is based on the best-selling novels of Julia Quinn. There are "intricate rules and dramatic power conflicts, where no one is actually ever on stable footing," according to Netflix, in Mayfair's glittering ballroom and the aristocratic houses of Park Lane and beyond, the series reveals a tempting, luxurious society. The Bridgertons are essential to the storyline: The clever and courageous family of eight siblings must traverse the tumultuous 19th-century marriage market in pursuit of romance, adventure, and love. To top it all off, a prequel to the Regency-era smash, Bridgerton, is in the works, according to Deadline. The Netflix drama is based on Julia Quinn's series of eight novels, each of which follows a different Bridgerton sister as they search for love. Developed by Shonda Rhimes' production studio Shondaland, the forthcoming spinoff will focus on a young Queen Charlotte (played in the current series by Golda Rosheuvel), as well as Lady Danbury (Adjoa Andoh) and Bridgerton matriarch Violet (played by Adjoa Andoh in the current series) (Ruth Gemmell). There are no real-life Queen Charlottes in the Bridgerton novels; she was created for television and has proven to be a very successful and popular choice by Rhimes et al. According to Netflix's head of worldwide TV Bela Bajaria, "many fans had never heard of Queen Charlotte before Bridgerton introduced her to the world, and I'm glad this new series will further enrich her story and the realm of Bridgerton". When Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz married George III in 1761, she became queen consort of the newly-crowned king. Elizabeth and Edward had 15 children; their granddaughter Victoria, the only daughter of their third son and future king, became queen in 1837. King George III, as depicted in Bridgerton, had multiple episodes of mental illness before it became a chronic condition, making it hard for his wife to be in the same vicinity as him.

When it comes to real-life hobbies, Queen Charlotte was an avid amateur botanist and an ardent supporter of music, notably the works of German musicians like Handel and Mozart, who was asked to play at court at the age of eight. Frogmore House, a country house near Windsor Castle that Queen Charlotte bought when her husband's health declined in the late 18th century, became her haven. Frogmore Cottage was built on the grounds around 1801, a few years later.

Frogmore House and Frogmore Cottage are currently most famously connected with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who held their wedding celebration there and thereafter lived in Frogmore Cottage before permanently leaving their royal responsibilities in early 2020. Currently, Princess Eugenie and her family are residing in the latter, along with her husband, Jack Brooksbank, and their infant son, August.

Bridgerton has been officially renewed for seasons 3 and 4 as well, which is great news. Chris Van Dusen, a veteran of Shondaland and the showrunner for the first two seasons (season two is now filming in the UK), will hand over the reins to Jess Brownell, who created the Netflix series. It's true that the period drama does a good job of portraying life in 18th century Georgia. This is largely because Quinn did extensive research for the show and historical consultant Hannah Greig contributed to the television adaptation. As real as the social season and "marriage market" were, the lack of sex education among Regency-era women and the emergence of anonymous gossip and scandal sheets. Is this yet another fact that has been verified as historical? Bridgerton's portrayal of Queen Charlotte, a character who does not appear in any of Quinn's previous works of fiction. King George III's fascinating real-life wife is explained in detail in the following article. Many historians believe Sophia Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, the royal's mother, was of African descent. Portraits and contemporary descriptions of the young Charlotte "obviously [suggest] a Negro strain," according to historian Joel Augustus Rogers in 1940's Sex and Race, Volume 1. Recently, a Frontline investigation by historian Mario de Valdes y Cocom traced Charlotte's lineage back to Margarita de Castro e Souza, a Portuguese noblewoman of the 15th century whose own lineage goes back to Madragana, a mistress of King Afonso III of Portugal who many historians believe was a Moor of Northern African descent.

Regarding Queen Charlotte's possible mixed-race heritage, after the Frontline series appeared in 1999, the Boston Globe stated that a spokeswoman for the royal family (i.e. Elizabeth II, Queen Charlotte's great-great-great-granddaughter) said, "This has been rumored for years and years. It's history, and honestly, we've got more important stuff to discuss."

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