Enjoy Fall Foliage Without Spending A Fortune

Here are tips on how to save cash while enjoying beautiful scenes this fall season.

Some individuals like visiting gastronomic hotspots or towns with vibrant nightlife. For some, though, nothing beats an outdoor trip that includes lots of leaf-peeping at the perfect moment.

October is the peak month for fall foliage in many regions of the country. If you're planning a fall foliage excursion, here are some suggestions for saving money along the way.


  1. Only go on day excursions.
    You might be amazed at how many places you can see autumn leaves within a few hours of your house. If you do a quick Google search in your region, you should be able to find lots of state or even municipal parks where fall colors are abundant if you go at the proper time. You may also reference this map if you're not sure what time it is.

2. Drive to your destination
Some regions of the country are famed for their spectacular fall foliage. People from the East Coast come to Vermont to view the bright leaves, while those from the West Coast may enjoy a variety of activities in Washington State. There are also other choices in between.


3. Redeem your airline miles
Using air miles during high travel times, such as the summer and the Christmas season, might be challenging. Despite the fact that many people like the fall foliage, autumn isn't typically thought of as a high-travel season. Because Easter falls on the first day of the school year, many parents are hesitant to take their children on a trip. If flying is the best choice for your position, you could have an easier time finding a flight utilizing the air miles you've collected.


4. Think about renting a private vacation home.
If you like hiking and being outside, a rustic cottage in the woods could be the perfect place for you to stay on your autumn foliage tour. And if you're prepared to forego the luxuries of a hotel, you might save a lot of money on your stay. Furthermore, your private apartment is likely to include a working kitchen, allowing you to conduct your own cooking and save money on food expenditures.


There's nothing quite like seeing the beauty of autumn leaves. These pointers might help you plan an autumn foliage excursion without breaking the bank.

source:USA Today


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