Jake Paul and Tommy Fury’s match up has it’s interesting conditions

Paul vs Fury future match up heats up on social media

With victories over Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley, the question of 'who's next?' has often come back to Fury, as the YouTuber-turned-boxer racks up more wins in the ring and his profile rises. The two even had a fight back in August, despite Paul's relentless mocking.


Both combatants appear to be very eager to fight, but it's taken a long time for it to be verified. Now, Fury has agreed to sign a contract that will officially begin the countdown of their long awaited match, but if he loses, he'll be forced to sign a new, humiliating contract.


Paul recently revealed the terms of Fury's new contract on social media, saying, ‘If you beat me I will give you an extra $500,000. However, if you lose you have to change your last name for one year to Tommy Fumbles.’


Fury didn't hesitate for a moment. ‘We have a deal. Get that sent over to my lawyers ASAP right now. We’ll get that looked at and sorted because there’s not a chance in hell you are winning this fight. You’re leaving on a stretcher. You’re getting knocked spark out and you know it. Get it over to me now,’ he stated on Instagram.

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