What Olivia Rodrigo thinks about Blackpink's Rosé 

The two were seated next to each other at The Met Gala

It was both Olivia Rodrigo and Rosé's first time to go to The Met Gala the month before. The pair ended up being seated next to each other; spending most of the evening together. 


The Teen Vogue senior entertainment editor, P. Claire Dodson, who was in charge of writing the magazine cover story on Olivia, shared a part of the transcript where Olivia talked about the Blackpink superstar. 


Turns out, they were not just seatmates that night but they were actually friends before that. Who would've known, right? 


Olivia was all praises when describing Rosé. "She's the best. We'd hung out before, and she's actually the sweetest angel alive. I was so happy sitting next to her because I was so nervous and when I sat down it was like, 'Oh my god I have a friend here'. She's absolutely the best, couldn't sing her praises enough. She's so talented. Nicest person in the world too. 


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