Princess Marie of Denmark Has a New Role

It's a role that hits closer to home.

Denmark has been striving for a larger cultural presence on the world stage, and now it has a major voice to back it up. Princess Marie, Queen Margrethe's daughter-in-law, has been appointed as a Special Culture Representative at the Danish Embassy's Culture Department in Paris.

The announcement comes as Her Royal Highness and the rest of her family celebrate one year of permanent residence in Paris. Since September 2020, Marie's spouse, Prince Joachim, has served as a military attaché in the Danish Embassy in Paris.

Princess Marie made it clear in her speech for the occasion that her priority would always be the promotion of Danish interests in France, stating, "In my new job, I look forward to continuing to look after Danish interests – notably in the sphere of culture – in the future years."

Princess Marie speaks French fluently and was born in Paris. When she joined the Danish Royal Family in 2008, she discovered that the presence of Queen Margarethe's husband, Prince Henrik, a French national, had already reinforced relations between her new home and her original country.

Her Royal Highness immediately began a journey to make her two identities an asset in her work, particularly in the cultural field, and became a patron of the Danish Student House in Paris, the Alliance Française in Denmark, the Danish committee of Le Souvenir Français, and the Prix Littéraire des Ambassadeurs des Francophones, among many others.

Because of her prior work and education, the Princess is well familiar with the subject of cultural promotion overseas, as well as the tactics required to make the promotion prosper.

This is not a role designed for Princess Marie. Traditionally, embassies are organized into sectors (military, economy, local politics, culture, as well as other operational areas like communications), each of which has one boss and numerous employees.

Sometimes, if circumstances allow it, the Embassy will hire special ambassadors for one or more of the sectors, as Princess Marie experienced. She will definitely be a valuable tool in promoting Danish culture in France and throughout Europe.

Krees De Guia

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