Three nostalgic YouTube horror let's plays you'd love to revisit this Halloween

Revisit these gaming legends' playthroughs for an unorthodox Halloween experience

Halloween is creeping around the corner and we love to celebrate this season with a good scare. From movies to dress ups, we all would love to feel the spirit of celebration when it comes to holidays that are enjoyed with a very specific niche.


And for Halloween, it’s giving or getting a good scare. But with the many traditional options out there it can sometimes be daunting to choose or it can get too old for people who’s been celebrating Halloween for a while. Watching scary movies and playing horror games can get old so why not watch somebody else do it for you?


This Halloween, sit back and binge watch some of the best classic YouTubers that played iconic horror video games and feel the sweetness of nostalgia and the spicy jumpscares from the games they played.

Jacksepticeye: Undertale - Chara’s ending


Undertale is a heartwarming, iconic and tear jerking game that stole the hearts of many people out there, and one of them is a YouTuber named Jacksepticeye. After Jack finished the game he quickly fell in love with the story and the lore behind it, so he decided to play the game again and get the alternate ending of it.


And that is where the real horror began. To get the alternate ending, you will have to play the whole game again but with a twist, you will have to kill all of the loveable characters that you interacted with during the first try.


With Jacksepticeye, who had already finished the game and fell in love with the characters, you will get to watch him agonize as he goes through many of the NPCs with blood and force. And once you get to the ending, Chara, the main character you summoned through the genocide route, will turn her back to you with an unnerving smile and slash you with a knife that will crash your game.

Markiplier: Five Nights at Freddy’s


Five Nights at Freddy’s is a point and click game where you get to be a security guard at a pizzeria called Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. The game is an anxiety gas station that can fill up fear levels through the roofs, and one brave soul dared to finish the game and delve deep into its lore only for him to end up being a huge fan of the franchise. That man is Markiplier.


Markiplier is considered by many as the king of Five Nights at Freddy’s for his skill at playing the game and also for his iconic jumpscare reactions. Markiplier’s YouTube channel grew exponentially because of this game and with him becoming a fanboy of the game, it only ended up becoming the perfect game series for him. And it might just be the perfect playthrough series for you to binge watch this Halloween.


Pewdiepie: Amnesia


To all the bros out there, this has to be one of the most iconic horror game playthrough series of all time. Amnesia is a game about keeping your sanity stable, avoiding nightmarish monsters and retaining your memories back.


One such YouTuber decided to record himself as he played through the game and with it, his channel blew out of control and made him as famous as he is now. That man is the guy with the largest YouTube subscribers in the world, Pewdiepie.


His playthrough experience is filled to the brim with jumpscares, laughters and even tears, combined it with the game’s in depth story and lore, and you got yourself a cocktail for a good time. Make your spooktober more interesting with a roller coaster of emotions while watching this timeless classic on YouTube.

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