You shouldn't miss the new Netflix series Maid

What you should know about the heart wrenching series Maid

Another film version of a book should not be missed is Maid. In part because of its source material, Stephanie Land's 2019 memoir, Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother's Will to Survive, Netflix's newly launched limited series Maid has an air of authenticity that other dramas lack.
In his role as executive producer, Land's narrative is cited as the basis for the show's plot, but if viewers choose to move through to the next episode, they will be unaware of this fact. Land's autobiography was so well-received after its publication that it was included in President Obama's Summer Reading List for 2019. "A single mother's personal, uncompromising look at America's socioeconomic disparity, a picture of the tightrope many families walk just to get by, and a reminder of the dignity of all work," Obama highlighted the story Land shares with readers.
A pregnancy at the age of 28 turned Land's life upside down, and she soon found herself living as a single mother, attempting to make ends meet as a maid. The book sheds emphasis on issues such as poverty and an unjust system, among other important ones.


True-story adaptations are nothing new for Netflix, and the streaming service is back with Maid, a riveting new miniseries starring Margaret Qualley. The project is based on Stephanie Land's bestseller 2019 memoir of the same name and follows a young single mother who quits an abusive relationship and makes ends meet to maintain her daughter by cleaning houses. So, what percentage of the show is based on fact? To better understand the true story that inspired Netflix's upcoming original film, Maid, here's everything you need to know.

As mother and daughter in this special family debut, Emmy Award nominee Margaret Qualley and Hollywood stalwart Andie MacDowell share screen time and real life together. Margaret Qualley's Alex, who is based on Land, tells a version of her story through various characters with different names. Her daughter Maddy (Rylea Nevaeh Whittet) is dependent on Alex's income, and Alex longs to be free from the dominance of her abusive ex-husband Sean (Nick Robinson).

A gripping and heart-wrenching story of survival is told through Alex's mother Paula (Andie MacDowell, who plays Qualley's real-life mother) and her boss Regina (Anika Noni Rose), who subsequently becomes Alex's friend.

What's the Story Behind Netflix's 'Maid'? It is told in the fictional story of Maid that Alex (Qualley), a young mother who has just become a single mother, flees from her abusive lover Sean (Nick Robinson). When Alex becomes pregnant, her mother (Andie MacDowell, Qualley's own mother in real life) does not offer any support to her, despite the fact that she was intending on attending college when she first became pregnant. Netflix's project follows Alex as she is forced to live in a shelter and utilizes federal assistance programs like SNAP to help her survive financially. According to the synopsis, Alex finds employment as a maid for wealthy households in order to help support herself and her daughter.

Maid Was Inspired by what? Stephanie Land's memoir Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother's Will to Survive served as the basis for the Netflix show's plot. Soon after Maid became a best-seller, Land acquired the film and television rights to Netflix, where producers such as Margot Robbie (Birds of Prey) and E.R. and Shameless alum John Wells sought to adapt the novel into a fictionalized plot. For the most of the book, readers will learn about Land's struggles to support her little kid while working as a home cleaner for less than $10 per hour. Although she hoped to start her writing career when she was 28, Land became pregnant after dating a man for four months, and she and her small daughter eventually sought safety elsewhere to avoid the toxic relationship that had taken over their lives.

As with Alex's journey in the miniseries, Land had a difficult time getting where he wanted to go. Land had no one to lean on when she ended her relationship with her partner. Even though she initially planned on staying with her father, she eventually had to leave because dad became abusive as well. Through Section 8 housing, she and her daughter were placed in a transitional apartment. To make ends meet, she worked as a house cleaner in the Seattle region with no sick or vacation pay. In addition to Land's personal challenges, Maid also tells of Land's difficulties obtaining government help; she was on seven different types of it, but found it impossible to complete the continual paperwork necessary to establish her status. Following several moves, Land and her daughter settled into a studio apartment where they both grew sick as a result of exposure to mold.

Stephanie explains on her website why she decided to write her book, as well as her aspirations for the future changes it will bring.

"By creating MAID, I hoped that the book would change the stigmas that surround single mothers, especially those who live in poverty," she added.. Stigmas such as, "We deserved to suffer for the bad actions we made to get here."

"To show how hard we work to provide for our family, and how much we care about them, I wanted others to come visit us. How hard we work just to get by as the government chastises us for being dependent on "handouts," which we refer to as "means to survival." Also, I hope you'll start to see the millions of minimum-wage workers who quietly clean up after us "she carried on.

What Has Been Happening to Stephanie Land Lately? Land went on to get a creative writing degree at the University of Montana in 2014. After graduating, Land began a freelance writing career, gaining bylines at publications like Vox and a writing fellowship at the Center for Community Change. she married Tim Faust and they had four children, plus two dogs in Missoula, Montana where they all grew up together

Its painful yet wonderful story line, as well as the show's extremely gifted ensemble, have kept viewers on the edge of their seats for all 10 episodes. Many people have questioned whether or not the show is based on a genuine story, and the answer is yes.


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