Wrestler Ronda Rousey is now a mom

Travis Browne's Wife said she is slowly embracing her postpartum body.

After welcoming her newborn girl, La'akea Makalapuaokalanip Browne, last week, the wrestler shared a photo of her postpartum recovery on Tuesday, Oct. 5, commenting on Instagram that she's "recovering faster than I hoped."

However, the new mother is taking her time readjusting to life as a mother, something her own mother, AnnMaria De Mars, did not do. AnnMaria went "back to training six days after delivering my sister Maria, then made weight and won the judo US Open six weeks later," according to Ronda.

When she was pregnant with Ronda, the same thing happened: "She barely gained 12 pounds - and I was an 8 pound baby!" "I've chosen to let her retain those records," Ronda remarked, while AnnMaria demonstrated that mothers can do anything.


"Since breaking both my hands and getting pregnant it feels like I lost a lifetime of muscle - it's easy to get discouraged over all that lost progress - but if anything I'm looking forward to getting cleared to train again even more," she reflected. "This is an opportunity [to] start over and mold my body into its next phase."

The MMA fighter added, "#BaddestMomOnThePlanet #ThisIsntEvenMyFinalForm."


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