New Dungeons and Dragons set in the Philippines can satisfy your fantasy based board games desires

New Dungeons & Dragons setting lets you play in pre-colonial Philippines

Dungeons and Dragons is undoubtedly the blueprint in the magical mystical realm of tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPGs). But if you're looking for a different perspective on a Western-themed game, consider this: a Dungeons Dragons adventure set in pre-colonial Philippines.


The Islands of Sina Una is a campaign setting created by Lucia Versprille and Joshua Mendenhall, associate game designers at Wizards of the Coast (DD's publisher). It takes the local idea and amps it up with magical characters straight from our grandparents' tales.


Players are transported to Sina Una, a realm populated by fascinating people and even more odd creatures, such as the predatory Mandarangkal, the “huge, horned, and scaled Ibingan,” and the celestial eaters, hideous beings who may one day consume the moon.


Players can choose from a variety of base classes, like the menacing Babaylan and the combative headhunter, as well as 12 additional subclasses. Adventurers in the campaign will face off against aswangs, sigbins, and other creatures while collecting magical artifacts such as anting-antings.


The Islands of Sina Una began as an Indiegogo campaign, with 725 backers and a total contribution of $42,558. Right now, you can get your own piece of Sina Una for $29.99 (P1,520) for a PDF file or $59.99 (P3,045) for a hardbound book on their website.

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