BTS trendsetters in the global fashion industry

The power of influence in the fashion industry shown by BTS

Almost everyone knows the legendary South-Korean Pop boy band BTS, their impact in the music scene is just too hard to ignore. Ever since they debuted in 2013 with performances and songs that are self-produced and have unique themes such as strong social and even political messages that encourage youth such as themselves, away from the usual lovey-dovey concepts other boy groups were expected to do, people saw the potential of the future of K-Pop. 


 Before BTS rose to fame and held numerous titles inside and out of their country, they were just 7 talented, hard working, and passionate trainees in a small and almost bankrupt entertainment company. Their company, BigHit Entertainment (now known as BigHit Music under Hybe Labels), gave every last penny and effort to debut BTS in 2013, BTS were their do or die, their biggest stake, and it was worth all the blood, sweat, and tears. BTS then eventually became the first group outside of the Big 3 companies to win major awards in Melon Music Awards (MMA) and Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in 2016, since then they have been setting records and gaining recognition left and right both locally and internationally with their unique concepts and touching themes each comeback. 


There’s no doubt now that BTS is the most in demand and influential group that every clothing brand out there is dreaming to have them endorsed. For a long time, it has been confirmed that luxury clothing brands were dying to have BTS endorse their brand, but they did decline as they prefer to wear their own preferences. With their massive and well organized fanbase, ARMY, BTS has a strong influence on their fans and picking brands to endorse is a huge decision both for the group and their company.


Their power to influence a huge amount of consumers has been labeled as “the BTS effect” as per ARMY, not only that their own merchandise and concert tickets get sold out in less than an hour but also other personal stuff like the clothes they wear or a juice powdered drink, even those they don’t specifically endorse, fans easily manage to recognize the brand and it’s price then the next thing everyone knows, it’s suddenly sold out. 


In 2019, Dior created a clothing piece for each member of BTS that was worn during their Mic Drop stage performance on their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Tour. This was the very first time a French luxury house created stage clothes for a pop band. Earlier this year, Louis Vuitton announced BTS as their newest brand ambassadors and were featured in LV Men’s Fashion Week 2021.


Their appearance in LV’s Men’s Fashion week helped created a record breaking Twitter livestream with 1.7 million personalised invitations, 36.8 million tuned in live (achieving the most viewed fashion show in Twitter history), Louis Vuitton gained over one million followers, had well over six million engagements and over six million more mentions of the event's hashtag (#LVMenFW21).


It is unusual to carry out the entire season collection show with all the focus on the Global Ambassadors because brands normally use their ambassadors by promoting through photo shoots, invitations to fashion shows, and sponsorship of their products. Some of the items worn by members from the collection's release had a global sell-out. Inquiries about other items that members wore at the time of the show continue. Public interest in the 2021 Fall/Winter collection (which BTS wore) has also been greatly increased, strengthening the brand image.


BTS has proved once again, as cultural icons and on their influence on LV, their presence has made a significant impact on many cultures around the world and are making new changes every time. 

Jordan Bragais

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