“Once in A Brew Moon”

Is the crisp autumn air making you crave a cup of your favorite coffee?

Everyone has a favorite coffee shop, that one particular destination café where they can't wait to order their own delicious double espresso or macchiato. It's generally warm, inviting, and the ideal spot to unwind after a hard day's work or get ready for a long day's work. Let's not forget that coffee shops are unique in that they serve as real gathering places.


They're also a place to meet new people, a place to see old faces every day and form bonds over a favorite drink. They're gathering places for like-minded folks who want to be alone yet still be surrounded by others while reading the newspaper or catching up on emails.

But what happens when you go on a work trip or a vacation to another country? Let's say in the US. Surely you can't bring your favorite brew shop with you. You still have to get your coffee right.


Here are three coffee shops where you can enjoy a fabulous coffee shop atmosphere and at the same time enjoy that favorite brew or yours.


HEART CAFE If you're planning a trip to Portland, Oregon recommends stopping by Heart Cafe (537 Southwest 12th Avenue), which roasts its own coffee and has baristas who are happy to chat to you about the many varieties of coffee available as well as recommend the best one for you.

The coffee shop is known for its espressos, which are home-roasted, smooth, and rich; there's an espresso for everyone, even those who don't like espresso. This bustling coffee shop also offers homemade ice cream and a variety of delicious delights. It is, however, lively and entertaining; it is not the place to go to relax, but it is the place to go if you want to meet new people and enjoy watching the in-crowd!


GB COFFEE If you visit Los Angeles, the city of stars, stop by GB Coffee in Grand Central Market 317 S Broadway C19, Los Angeles, one of the greatest sites in the city. It's a must-visit coffee shop that's well-loved in its local region, with service that goes above and above and a wide coffee selection.

Every cup is delivered at the correct temperature, and the baristas also provide flawless shots. There are even soda versions of several of their beverages, for a new spin on your favorite, and a wonderful bar area where you can enjoy your coffee while conversing with your friends. There are no lines; it's exactly like a Saturday night pub where you wait for service — it's a very nice place, and everything is prepared in-house for a genuine experience.


The Black Point Café, located at 882 North Point Street in San Francisco, serves exceptional coffee specialties such as a Lavender Latte (their signature drink). This coffee drink is a fantastic blend of the richest, dreamiest coffee with a hint of fragrant lavender that is both relaxing and peaceful while also being instantly refreshing. Instead of cinnamon, try sprinkling a little lavender on top and ordering one of their organic pastries.

With so many goods on display and a spacious, airy café with a freshly baked ambiance, it's difficult to limit yourself to just one coffee and a slice of cake.


The Laughing Man coffee shop (184 Duane Street) is owned by Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman and is located in New York. This coffee business, located on Duane Street in trendy Tribeca, not only provides an astounding variety of flavors, but it also gives back to the neighborhood. Every cup is fair trade and sustainably sourced, with 50% of earnings going back to the agricultural community where the coffee is grown.

You may also buy directly from this coffee store, which has some incredible-tasting coffee beans.



How about in your area? What's the best place to meet people and enjoy a cup of coffee?







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