Asian horror stories that will give you the chills

Here are creepy stories to tell your friends this Halloween

With Halloween coming in closer and closer, there’s almost nothing better out there to hear but a good horror story. And if you think you’ve heard it all, let's take a trip on the other side of the world and see what are the horrifying stories out there in Asia.

Steam buns with cat fillings - Philippines


It is as literal as it sounds. In the southeastern part of Asia, the Philippines is home to many scary urban legends, and what can be more scary than a story that sounds realistic.


In the Philippines there is an urban rumor that back in the old days when meat was scarce, restaurants and small food stall owners sold steamed buns stuffed with cat meat because pork, chicken and beef became too expensive. Of course this story is nowhere close to the truth, but the disturbing thought of eating cats is definitely a story that will scar you.

The scar faced lady - Japan


Walking alone in Japan at night can definitely give you the chills, but if you hear the story of the scar faced lady you are sure to quarantine yourself every night.


The story goes that if a lady approaches you with a mask on, she will ask you if she is pretty, and after you answer she will remove her mask showing a long slash across her mouth and will ask you again if she is pretty. Remind yourself to be polite around women with masks in Japan.

The hallow-eyed woman - North Korea


Being a cab driver at night is also just another way to turn yourself into an author of scary urban legends. In the highways of Jayuro in North Korea, drivers there claim to see a woman with sunglasses on their backseat and with a closer look, you will notice that her eyes are gouged out and that when you realize, you're driving with a ghost.

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