New song alert: "Who's In Your Head" by the Jonas Brothers

Get a taste of nostalgia right here! The JoBros are back with a catchy track!

The Jonas Brothers made a comeback with their newest song "Who's In Your Head". The funky track is an unexpected treat from the brothers that a lot of people are currently missing. The sound is still uniquely within brand, resulting in a great ergasmic track that will keep you pressing the replay button. 


The music video also shows that a lot of thought was put into its concept.It shows different people and tries to recreate visually what is going on in their heads, resulting in pretty interesting images. In one scene, Joe Jonas is literally in the cup of coffee when recreating what is in a barista's head. So visuals are popping and the sound is electric. It's definitely a song that deserves a spot in your playlist. 


The music video for the newest song was released three days ago and it has already garnered 1.2 M views, 73K likes, and 2.6K comments. So many people are rejoicing that the Jonas brothers are making music together again! The comments are filled with enthusiastic fans nostalgic for more music from this talented trio. 


Watch the video here: 




How about you? What did you think of the new music video? 


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