Mr. Harrigans Phone by Stephen King is coming to Netflix

Former IT stars Donald Sutherland & Jaeden Martell will star in the adaptation once again

Attention Stephen King devotees: Mr. Harrigan's adaptation of Stephen King's novel Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is coming to Netflix! Netflix is once again adapting one of Stephen King's many classic stories for the big screen.


In Mr. Harrigan's Phone, an adaptation of a Stephen King short tale, veteran actor Donald Sutherland and It movie sensation Jaeden Martell will star. The upcoming Netflix film is being produced by Jason Blum's Blumhouse and Ryan Murphy. During BlumFest II, scaremaster Blum's numerous scary projects were celebrated by announcing the news.


A new adaptation of Mr. Harrigan's Phone, based on a short tale in the author's newest novella If It Bleeds, will be streamed on the same platform that debuted 1922 and Gerald's Game earlier this year. Donald Sutherland and Jaeden Martell will star. A young kid from a tiny village named Craig befriends the old, reclusive millionaire who is the subject of Mr. Harrigan's Phone, a narrative about friendship.


As a result of Mr. Harrigan passing away, Craig realizes that "dead" does not always equal "gone" when he discovers that he may speak with his departed buddy through the iPhone that had been buried beside him. Mr. Harrigan will be played by Sutherland, with Martell taking on the role of Craig. With John Lee Hancock penning the screenplay and helming the camera on this project, which is expected to begin production in earnest in the coming months, it will be available on Netflix sometime in 2022. Jeremy Gold and Chris McCumber for Blumhouse Television, together with Scott Greenberg, are the executive producers on the film, which is directed by Jason Blum.


This is Netflix's fourth Stephen King adaptation, following 1922, adapted from King's 2010 novella; Gerald's Game, based on the same-titled 1992 novel; and In the Tall Grass, adapted from a novella by King and his son, Joe Hill. Mr. Harrigan's Phone marks the fourth time Netflix releases a Stephen King adaptation. New Line's Salem's Lot and adaptations of Christine, The Tommyknockers, Firestarter, and Rest Stop are among the King projects presently in development. Not only is If It Bleeds: Mr. Harrigan's Phone being adapted, but it's not the only one. Darren Aronofsky's Protozoa Pictures has acquired the film rights to Rat and The Life of Chuck, two more stories from the anthology.

Among Sutherland's many credits include classics like MASH, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and Kelly's Heroes, as well as the Hunger Games flicks, where he portrays President Snow, a villainous figure. He recently appeared in HBO's short series The Undoing as Nicole Kidman's father.


In the critically acclaimed two-part version of Stephen King's It, Martell portrayed Bill Denbrough. He was in the Apple miniseries Defending Jacob with Chris Evans and in the film Knives Out with Tom Cruise (also with Evans). He just agreed to reprise his role from the vampire film The Lost Boys, which came out in the 1980s.


In addition to CAA, Sutherland is represented by Klevan Longarzo. CAA, Emily Cho Talent Management, and Jackoway Austen represent Martell.

Mr. Harrigan's Phone will be available on Netflix in the year 2022, according to current projections.

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