5 Places To Visit In Hollywood

One shouldn't miss these places if you happen to be around the area.

Going to Hollywood is everyone's dream! If you're lucky enough to get cast in a film, you'll get to work there, but if you're not, a visit wouldn't hurt.

Here are some of the best spots to go and get your picture taken to prove you made it to Hollywood.

1.  Hollywood Walk Of Fame

A must-place! If you don't mind,  crowds and the long queues of people in souvenir shops, tattoo parlors, and lingerie stores, the Walk of Fame offers a lot of old Hollywood history and amazing things to explore. The names engraved on that famous five-pointed terrazzo and brass stars run from the Walk's western extreme at the Hollywood and La Brea Gateway to the W Hotel and Pantages Theater at Gower, and also on Vine from the Capitol Records Building down to Sunset, near where the original movie studios sprang up a century ago.


2. Capitol Records Building 

This cylindrical tower is so inextricably linked with postcard images of sunny California that it's difficult to detach the structure from the legend. (Doesn't it seem like a stack of records? It was purely coincidental.) But that's part of its charm; when you see its blade-like spire rising over the 101 highway, its calm, white hues make you feel like you're in a dream.


3. Sunset Ranch Hollywood

If you continue driving up Beachwood Drive in pursuit of the Hollywood Sign, you will ultimately come to a halt at Sunset Ranch Hollywood's cluster of horse stables. The ranch provides a variety of daily trail rides in Griffith Park, which may be reserved in advance on their website. The more expensive and longer rides include lunches or a trip to the top of the park or Mt. Lee, but even the basic one-hour ride ($65) provides a close-up glimpse of the Hollywood Sign as well as panoramic vistas of the hills and L.A. cityscape below.


4. Egyptian Theatre

The Egyptian Theatre, built by the same guy who built the Chinese Theatre and the El Capitan Theatre, was properly restored by American Cinematheque in 1998. (who also run the Aero in Santa Monica). The non-profit organization continues to provide a diverse selection of outstanding themed mini-festivals and one-time QAs with renowned individuals, as well as classic films and modern independent cinema. The LA Filmforum shows experimental films and video art on Sundays.


5.  The Hollywood Sign

Did you say proof? Here's a definite one. The “Hollywoodland” sign, which was built in 1923, was meant to remain up for only a year and a half, yet it is still standing over a century later. Getting near to the Hollywood Sign, on the other hand, is an often controversial subject due to pressure from surrounding homes. The sign may be seen from Beachwood Drive or farther up the hill at Lake Hollywood Park. Want to go even closer? Go horseback riding at Sunset Ranch or lace up your boots for a journey down the gravel road on Mt. Lee Drive to where you will be standing just above the Hollywood Sign with a complete 360-degree panorama of the cityscape.


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