Judges fight hard over this The Voice contestant

The contestant on The Voice left the judges speechless! 

On a preview of The Voice that will air , BritannyBree stuns the judges with her rendition of "Call Out My Name". It was pitch-perfect and ultimately caught the judges' attention. As soon as she belted out those high notes, Ariana Grande and John Legend turned their chairs for her. Kelly Clarkson turns her chair next. While Balke Shelton turned his chair last when she killed the final high notes. 


"You are unbelievable. I love your voice. I really enjoy your tone. I loved your runs. The fullness of it, the soul, the texture, I think intention is really important and every choice you made added so much emotional value and I think that's really important in a performer. I would love to be your coach, I would love to hold your hand through this and I would love for you to pick me. I love you!" Ariana excitedly claimed! 


"That voice just grabs us and the energy just explodes from the stage. Did you grow up singing in the church?" John asked her next. 


The contestant then confirmed that this audition was actually the first time she sang that is not in church. 


Kelly then followed with "You're such a great storyteller,  was like 'Oh my gosh!' I would love to be your partner and I know how to navigate a competition. I've won the show before and if your voice isn't in the finale, something's wrong."


Blake then dissed the rest of the coaches and claimed that he is the most stable coach. 


Who does the contestant pick to guide her through the competition? Find out in the latest episode of The Voice! 





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