Goodbye Disney for Southeast Asia

Cable subscribers will no longer be able to view Disney and FOX stations beginning Oct. 1.

 Are you one of those parents who awoke to a sobbing child because their favorite cartoon show was not on the broadcast today? 


Many cable subscribers were taken aback when, instead of their beloved shows on Fox and Disney Channel, everything was just plain dark screen. The good news is that your television is not broken. The unfortunate news is that those channels are no longer available.


Yesterday, October 1, Skycable, one of the biggest cable companies in the Philippines, has announced that Walt Disney Company has chosen to discontinue broadcasting of 13 Disney and FOX channels in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. As a result, all pay-TV operators in the nation would be unable to provide these channels. The decision was taken as part of Disney's transition to an internet streaming company.


The information, which appears to have been originally reported by a Singapore-based site, would result in the closure of networks such as Fox, FX, Channel V, and Disney Channels, as Disney switches its attention to the streaming service Disney+. There will be four channels left: Star Chinese Channel, Star Chinese Movies, National Geographic, and Nat Geo Wild.


“As part of The Walt Disney Company’s global effort to pivot towards a D2C-first model and further grow our streaming services, the company is consolidating its Media Networks business primarily in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. These efforts will help us align our resources more efficiently and effectively to current and future business needs,” Disney announced the closing in a statement.




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