Blizzard may implement previously abandoned game mechanics in Diablo 4

Blizzard developers seem to be interested in reapplying the runewords from Diablo 2 to Diablo 4

Blizzard Entertainment introduced the runewords upgrade system in Diablo 2. The introduction of this mechanism allows users to create combinations of runes to give items special attributes.

What is the rune language? As the name suggests, it is a string of characters composed of runes. In D2, players can collect runes composed of different letters through battles. By fusing runes to form powerful rune words, and then add them to personal weapons and equipment, giving them additional attribute bonuses.

For example. Words of Honor made from AmnElithTirSol can significantly increase the damage of melee weapons; those made from JahIthBer can greatly increase the player's movement speed and provide additional teleportation.

This mechanic from Diablo 2 has not carried over into Diablo 3. So Blizzard is still very excited about the news that this system may appear in Diablo 4 without denying it. Although they haven't given an accurate statement yet, I believe there will be related news in the future. Therefore, if players want to keep abreast of the news about this change, I believe that the well-known game currency operator IGGM will always give you the information you need as soon as possible.

As the release time of Diablo 4 is approaching, I believe players must have made sufficient preparations for it, although this time the official statement that Diablo 4 will reduce the difficulty of the game compared with the previous Diablo series, so that novices can better adapt this game.
However, I think this only increases the lower limit of all players, and it is not very helpful to novice players, and it does not greatly improve their survival rate in the game. Therefore, I think can improve the survival rate of novice players in the game very well. Players can upgrade their character level and equipment by purchasing Diablo 4 Gold, so as to keep up with the game progress and get a better game experience.


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