Rami Malek made everyone crack with Squid Game Spoof

The 'Bond' actor showed off his comedic side on 'Saturday Night Live' in a skit with Pete Davidson.

Rami Malek, 40, traded off his seriousness for some hilarity on Saturday Night Live. The Torrance, California native made his NBC hosting debut and got laughs in a Squid Game spoof with Pete Davidson, 27. Rami displayed an unexpected musical side as he crooned about the "game" over a country beat flavored with RB, a reference to the popular new Netflix program.


The fictitious series centers around a competition featuring 456 participants who are deeply in debt as they compete for a reward worth billions. In the game, participants compete in a series of children's games, but if they lose, they suffer grave consequences. Rami and Pete's rendition was incredibly entertaining, as they sang about their (fictitious) life before playing the game — and even copied the outfits. "That's what occurs in the squid game...how that's the squid game is played," Rami sung.


The actor also confessed to his affinity for playing villains. As he said he is more drawn to playing the character unlike many who wants to be the protagonist. “I don’t usually do comedy — I have what they call resting villain face,” he said, showing off a sinister look.


He stated that he sympathizes more with Scar (the villain in The Lion King) than with Simba. "I found Simba to be irritating. Do you want to be king? You're about three years old. "Relax," he joked. Villains, in his opinion, are more of a misunderstood persona.


Rami's presence follows the recent release of the latest James Bond flick No Time To Die. The 40-year-old portrayed the evil Lyutsifer Safin in the film, which was delayed for months owing to the COVID-19 epidemic. The action-packed spy thriller is noteworthy in the Bond world since it marks Daniel Craig's final performance as MI6 agent 007 in the series.






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