Mimi Keene's experience at PFW

Mimi gives everyone a sneak peek at what Loewe had in store for her at PFW!

Mimi Keene, who plays Ruby in Sex Education, was invited by Loewe for this year's Paris Fashion Week to get the full experience of their SS2022 collection. 


Keene shares the fabulous ride with her followers. 

As part of her diary, Keene walked everyone through her fitting and hotel stay, as well as her first time attending the Paris Fashion Week show. We get to see everything through her eyes. She says that what thrills her is seeing where her fashion style will go. She said that her taste in fashion has changed since Sex Education. Known for its vibrant palette as lead by their costume designer Rosa Dias, Keene started to experiment with riskier colors than usual. She said that "My personal taste when it comes to fashion has always been quite neutral- black, white, monochrome. But in the three years I've been with Ruby, I've become braver and more adventurous with my style choices and my style has definitely evolved as a result."


She started the weekend with a glamorous fitting and then snuggled into a beautiful bed with a spread of dinner and drinks given to her by Loewe. She then enjoyed her beautiful week filled with styling preparations, front row seat action at the Loewe presentation, dinner, sight-seeing, and champagne! 


It truly looks like an exciting time for Keene! 



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